Is oral sex safe or not according to asian escorts

Oral sex is the form of sex in which partners use their lips, tongue, and mouth to stimulate genitals for sexual pleasure. There are several benefits of having oral sex and its a good part to include in foreplay. Oral sex is the best form of sex which most young adults and mature people enjoy more than other forms of sex.

According to asian escorts, oral sex is not the same for everyone, different people do it differently. There are several ways of lick, kiss, suck and stimulate while doing oral sex.

Escort suggests that doing oral sex without protection can cause several infections and sexually transmitted diseases. The main question that everyone has in their mind is that is oral sex safe or not?. in escorts opinion, having oral sex is safe than other forms of sex but lack of precaution and proper protection can lead to the transfer of infections even in oral sex.

Tips by escort for better oral sex

 Whether you are a male or female, there is some level of nervousness while having oral sex. Here are some tops that escorts suggest to use which improve your oral sex with your partner.

 Communicate and share your thoughts:- Oral sex can make you or your partner nervous as you get to feel each part of their mind and body. To make oral sex comfortable, communicate first and share your thoughts and feelings about your partner and how they make you feel and enjoy.

 Be creative with fingers and locations:- Oral sex is not just about using mouth on genitals and other sexual parts, to make oral sex better use fingers with your mouth to stimulate and find new creative locations to make your partner feel pleasured.

 Use vibrating sex toys:- Sex toys can improve your oral sex as vibrating tools can make sexual arousal better when used on the vagina with kissing on other locations.

 Spend some time in kissing and touching:- Touching, and kissing sensitive areas slowly like the neck, arms, inner thighs, cleavage can stimulate and make orgasm more pleasurable.

 Go slow on genitals:- The art of good oral sex is going slow on genitals as nerves are sensitive and using tongue and lips softly can make sex more pleasurable.

How can I find call girls in las Vegas?

Before a decade, finding call girls at home in las Vegas was very difficult but with the internet, these escorts advertise themselves and it is easy to book las vegas call girls now. Vegas call girls are those escort service providers who work independently but provide their services in hotels, private society, and homes. Their service locations are limited and they keep themselves private.

Finding las vegas call girls is easy and have two methods. One is traditional and other is online.

Traditional method

 A traditional method as named, include ways to find these call girls manually. There are some steps in this process.

  • Know exactly what you want:- Call Girls are limited and their services are also limited thus before searching for a call girl at home, you should know exactly what you want as deciding what you want and making changes in your need will not take you anywhere.
  • Find contacts of areas where private escorts provide services:- Las Vegas call girls provide services to limited areas and thus you should search for areas where these escorts provide services. The best place to find any private escort are hotels. Private call girls work mostly in hotels.
  • Do extensive research:- After finding an escort and where they provide services, do an extensive background check to confirm that whether hiring her will be safe or not.
  • Consider quality:- After background research, check the quality of services she provides and how much she charges. Private escorts are different and their way of providing services is unique thus they can charge high price than market and vice verse.
  • Customer service:- Customer service means how friendly her services are if you find her services acceptable and good then you can establish contact and discuss your plans.

 Online method

 The online method of vegas call girls is more suitable for people as there you do not have to wait for long.